Sales & Account Management

Our Team of Sales Experts - Hong Kong SAR & Mainland China

Comprised of highly experienced professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge, our team with over 126 sales experts is dedicated to meeting your needs. Capable of addressing a wide range of product inquires and served more customers across different markets and needs, our experts are here to provide comprehensive assistance. As representatives of our customers, we offer all-round and one-stop services, liaising with suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure seamless collaboration. Trust our team to be your trusted partner, delivering tailored solutions and exceptional support every step of the way.

Global Merchandising Solutions

Our dedicated merchandising team, strategically located in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China, provides seamless support throughout the entire production process to meet the global needs of our customers. With our newly developed worldwide merchandising system, we aim to enhance service efficiency and deliver more personalized, transparent and direct solutions.

Catering Excellence Across Markets

Our experts specialise in understanding and addressing the unique needs of our diverse customer base, including Mass Market, Fashion Retailers, and Lingerie Specialists. Our services cover areas such as Sustainable Initiatives, Traceability, and Transparency. With a global customer base of over 60 and partnerships with more than 500 suppliers, we act as a valuable liaison for both parties.