# Sample Room

Our central sample room provide streamline services from paper pattern, sampling and costing.
Production package are centralized in China Pre-production Office and deliver to all production factory.

In sample room, we have
80 Pattern Makers
30 Technicians
320 Sewing Worker

to deliver 1,200 samples per day.

# Merchandising & Purchasing

An extension of our HK Sales Team, the merchandising and purchasing arm overlooks the entire pre-production and production process by communicating internally and externally. We produce high quality goods with on-time delivery. 

# Planning

Hop Lun has diversified productions site in 3 countries

Bangladesh • China • Indonesia

Our planning team will look at day-to-day challenges of the market and customer needs and provide the best option of product site to our customers.

Yearly planning discussion with customer to forecast upcoming development and order demand, our sales experts will measure the needs and offer various planning options to our customers.

# Material Control

Our experienced material planners ensure quality materials are delivered on time to our production sites. With our centralized logistics center, we can consolidate materials and closely control the quality.