#Material Sourcing

Experience domestic sourcing teams in China, Bangladesh & Indonesia to identify the qualified suppliers to provide flexibility to offshore factories and improving lead time.

We have a strong supply chain of over 500+ suppliers (70% China, 20% Asia and 10% Overseas) to offer variety choices to customers; work with key partners to engineer excellent quality materials within budget.

And we get market information from different sources to evaluate the current vendors’ stability level. Updating suppliers prospective regularly and participating trade show like Interfiliere in Paris, Shanghai & Hong Kong and SIUF Shenzhen to bring in new potential suppliers to ensure our material selections are of good quality and competitive price!

Hop Lun Sourcing Strategy
Determine low cost region/country

We have relationships with over 500 global suppliers giving us access to a plethora of material choice. Of these, we focus on 30 key suppliers to develop the best quality materials at the lowest price.

Identify quality assurance vendors

It is very important to us to consider the environment and global impact of our material choices. We work with like minded partners to source organic, recycled and sustainable materials to help promote a healthy planet!

Improve lead times

With fashion moving so fast today, quick delivery of the right product is crucial for success. 
In order to achieve speed and quality, we give suppliers clear material requirements and production plan.

Introducing Our Top 15 Vendors
All vendors fall into Hop Lun/Customer compliance requirement and testing standard.