We bridge the communication gap between customers and raw material suppliers, helping to ensure a punctual, seamless production process. 

Faster go to market turnaround with signification efficiencies along the whole order & production processing.

We offer different speed models in various order volume to suit customers need.

One of our speed models, offering 38 days lead time (from PO to FOB).

Speed model offer
21 days Material
3 days Transit
14 days Sewing
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Sales & Merchandising

Pre-booking materials
Self lap-dip approval


3D simulation
Shorten Design Process

Material Sourcing

Use domestic sources
Material Consolidation

Pre-production Office

Our sample room breakdown into smaller team to enhance the ownership and drive for shorter sample time
Accredited fit technicians

Manufacturing Excellence

Quick Changeover
Lean Operation --> Quick Response
Reduced Work in Process (WIP)
Self inspection and accredited QC.


Understand our customers’ vision and set our own sustainability goals.