November 27, 2023

Orange Days 2023 In Indonesia!

November 27, 2023

Hop Lun proudly reflects on the overwhelming success of our impactful "Orange Days" campaign held in November. In alignment with the initiatives launched by UN Women, our factories in Semarang, Cartini, and Boyolali, Indonesia, united in a significant opening ceremony that paved the way for a month filled with meaningful activities. Throughout the campaign, our employees, donning vibrant shades of orange, actively demonstrated their steadfast commitment to the cause by saying "No Violence Against Women!" Their enthusiasm and dedication highlighted our collective mission to eradicate violence against women and girls. At Hop Lun, empowering women is a fundamental value that transcends borders and races. We are deeply proud of our commitment to supporting women employees worldwide. Over the course of November, we organized a variety of activities at our Indonesian factories to raise awareness and advocate for the protection of women. The "Orange Days" campaign emerged as a powerful testament to the significance of unity and collective action in the fight against violence towards women. We sincerely thank all the participants and supporters who played a pivotal role in the campaign's success. While the campaign has concluded, its impact continues to reverberate throughout our organization and beyond. Our dedication to driving positive change and advocating for women's rights remains unwavering, extending throughout the entire year and not just confined to November. 

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Together, let us persist in our efforts to stand united against violence and create a future where every woman and girl can live with safety, dignity, and empowerment.