Hop Lun Ethics Line

To confidentially (or anonymously) report a possible case of illegal, unethical or improper conduct, related to conflict of interest, fraud, bribery, kickbacks, theft, security, health and safety, discrimination, harassment or any other form of ethical misconduct, please contact Hop Lun Ethics Line, via:

Computer: hoplun.ethicspoint.com

Mobile: hoplunmobile.ethicspoint.com

Phone (toll-free): 

  • China: 400 120 1861 
  • Bangladesh: 09610 998458 
  • Indonesia: (021) 50995481 
  • Hong Kong: 800 902 039

Multilingual reporting via QR code:

Hop Lun Ethics Line is managed independently via third-party, allowing for confidential or completely anonymous disclosures.

Alternatively, you may report to Hop Lun directly via email, at: compliancereporting@hoplun.com . Even with full identity disclosure, we will make every effort to keep the identity of the whistleblower confidential. Hop Lun’s Ethics, Compliance and Whistle-blowing policies may be viewed via: hoplun.sharepoint.com/SitePages/Ethics-and-Compliance.aspx

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